Monday, October 29, 2007

Stephen, Rochelle, Evan, Julia, Harrison, & baby make. . .

Yup. That's right. . . .6. Though it was a complete surprise to us, I don't think it is a surprise to many of you that the Tynes procreated for the 4th and probably final time. I am due in May and sicker than a dog. I am about 10 weeks along and hoping against hope that I start to feel better soon. It is the reason I haven't updated the blog to let people know sooner. I make it a goal every night and then end up just going to bed. Tonight I feel pretty well so I thought I would jump at the chance before I put it off into oblivion.

I will do more of an update at a later date. I have some cute stories and pictures, but I have to get my baby rest for now. I at least wanted to show you some pictures of our adorable baby. I would like a girl for Julia's sake. It would be nice for her to have a sister, but I am indifferent as to which sex I would prefer. To go along with the old saying, "Just so long as it's healthy", is really the truth.

Truth be told, Julia has stated several times that she has no intentions of sharing her bedroom. She is terribly excited about the new baby and wants to see my tummy all of the time, but the new baby can either sleep in the guest room or in the boys' room. Her room is her room. Of course, she has no choice. My children have massive bedrooms, so I don't care if I have 20 kids, the same sex children will always share the same room. So far I am not pushing the issue with her, though. I don't see the need to upset her until we know for sure what we are having.

Evan is also terribly excited. We didn't tell the kids I was pregnant until I was a couple of months along to be sure that the ultrasounds went well, and I felt confident the pregnancy was strong. Evan told me a few times before he knew I was pregnant that he was praying to Jesus that I would soon have a baby in my tummy. I was always so touched and told him to keep praying. The morning Stephen and I told them, Evan gasped and said, "I prayed to Jesus that He would put a baby in mommy's tummy"! Other than that, the kids were pretty silent and dumbfounded. After about 30 seconds of that Julia and Harrison got up to go play with their toys, and Stephen wondered downstairs. Evan crawled up into my lap, hugged me and said, "Mommy, I'm so happy there is a baby in your tummy".

Julia and Evan are convinced this baby is boy. I think partially that is because Harrison is a boy so they know what boy babies are like, and the other part of that is because Evan wants the new baby in his room and Julia does not.

This conversation took place before the kids found out I was pregnant. We were sitting at the table and Evan said, "I just prayed last night that we would have another baby".
Me: " Really? Wow! Great!"
Julia: I want to have another baby too."
Me: " You do? Why?"
Julia: "Cause I want to spank it".
Me:"You want to have another baby so you can. . . spank it"?
Julia: "Yup".
Me: Actually, I just raised my eyebrows, shook my head, and sighed.

Please enjoy my blurry almost completely indistinguishable ultrasound photos of baby blessing number 4. You can click on the pictures for a better view.

#4 at 6 weeks along. The baby already has a heartbeat.

#4 at 7 weeks along. You can see the baby and the umblical cord here.


  1. YAY! We are so happy for you guys! We will be praying for you to start feeling better real soon so you can enjoy this pregnancy.

  2. congrads! I'm so happy for your growing gaggle! Thanks for sharing - Melissa

  3. I knew it! Watch out, or soon you will have a Grandma-sized brood...