Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Testament Books of the Bible

My kids worked so tirelessly on this until I nearly cried “UNCLE”! Tonight they were all RILED up and missing Grandma Tynes so I asked them if they wanted to show her how hard they worked to help Evan learn the New Testament books of the bible for AWANA next week. When Grandma Tynes gets to see something in Mississippi, everyone gets to see it. Evan sings first, then Julia, then Harrison.

On a side note, I always feel a bit odd about showing videos like these. I just don’t know what people think about stuff like this. I know parents who push and push their kids into all kinds of things for their own pride sake. . . That is just not what is happening here. My kids remind me a lot of my brother and I when we were kids. We LOVED to memorize things in song from the books of the Bible to the 50 states in alphabetical order to the McDonalds menu. My kids are the same way. The CD with this song on it was always in the truck and they asked to listen to it again and again and again and again for the past 3 weeks every time we were on the road. They listened to it so much that I Eli actually knows how to say “goo goo ga ga” and the New Testament books of the bible in order. . . or something like that :>)

Without further ado. . .

I love Evan's gusto in this video. He belts it out with confidents!

Precious, joyful Julia! You can't help by get a goofy smile on your face while you watch this.

Now for Harrison. One of the fun things about Harrison is, yeah, he knows the books of the New Testament in order at 2 years old, but he still enjoyed a good wrestling match with a stamp while I was distracted with videoing the other two. . .apparently he lost.


  1. Absolutely precious! Way to go Tynes kids!

  2. As soon as I played the first video, my kids were scrambling in lap to watch. They love watching your kids doing such amazing feats - my kids are not memorizers like yours! I loved all of these and especially Harrison. I got a belly laugh out of Harrison's wrestling match with the stamper! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great!! I loved it, so did Clayton, he watched them with me and kept saying that's my friends, then I want to go there.....guess he had a good time huh!!