Thursday, April 2, 2009

50th Birthday Addendum

As promised here is my addendum to the last blog update with a collection of pictures from our time in TN with family for my mother’s 50th (yes 50th) birthday a few weeks ago. It’s funny because the age difference between my mother and I gets less and less each year, especially now that I am in my 30’s. I will be with my friends in their 40’s, and then I introduce them to my mother who was also still in her 40’s until a couple of weeks ago and. . . oh man the shock. Not only that, but my mother doesn’t look 50 yet so it really mystifies people when they meet us. Thankfully, even though I was married at the time, God didn’t chose to give me a child when I was 19, but it is wonderful to have a mother still energetic enough to really enjoy her grandchildren and watch them grow all the way up, Lord willing.

We planned a weekend with lots of family at a beautiful log home in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee near Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. The part my mother didn’t know about was that my brother Jeremy and his wife Natalie and their two boys were driving down for the weekend too. It was lots of work to keep that a secret, especially with 6 excited grandchildren in the middle of it, but it went off without a hitch, and my mom was totally surprised to see them walk through the door. It certainly was a wonderful birthday treat for all of us to have them there. We are one blessed bunch to be sure.
Me want more beans!!

The Spiderman Trilogy. (Cousins Benji, Evan, and Quin)

Mom's other daughter Caroline from Kenya devoted much time to holding Eli. What the heck, Jess?

Grandpa Ringsmuth agreed to watch Eli while I showered. They bonded.

Friday night dinner with the fam, including Uncle Ray and Aunt Renee from Kentucky at the end of the table. This was the night before the big party with more family the next day.

Great-Aunt Renee (One of my dad's sisters) enjoying time with Eli.

Grandma Ringsmuth playing Candy Land with the grandkids.

The highs were in the 5o's while we were there, but the kids still spent hours in the hot tub outside on the deck. Harrison wouldn't go in because of his fear of the jets.

All because two people fell in love.

Soon Jeremy and Natalie will complete this picture with their third little one due in September.

Hanging with the cousins.

They played a LOT of air hocky and pool. A LOT.


  1. Those were some awesome captions. I also think I'm like picture deficient. Sometime ago I stopped taking normal pics. Pent up aggression from my childhood perhaps?

  2. Also, nice massive gum chewing in the video.