Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Illegal Thanksgiving Campfire

Would you like some of my juice?

Loving her baby

Diary Farm Hay Ride

Feeding the goats

Where's the beef?

Cooking with Grandma

Thanksgiving Ham

Illegal, Family Friendly Campfire

First Smores

World's Fattest Cousins (45 pounds between the two 6 month olds)

Cousin Love (My cousin Jenny at Thanksgiving)

My pictures are much smaller now, so it shouldn't take long to view the full sized ones.

I have received a few more pictures from my mom that I found blogworthy (which is my lame attempt to get my own word in the dictionary). My dad built a firepit in his backyard which is in the middle of your typical suburban Atlanta neighborhood and started a fire on Thanksgiving night. We sang campfire songs and had a blast. The kids now beg for it every time we are at Grandma and Grandpa's house regardless of the time of day.

We also went to a dairy farm the weekend before Thanksgiving and did a corn maze, rode on a hay ride, fed cows, watch pig races, fed goats, drank chocolate milk, and I am sure I missing something. It was a great time!! There is always a never ending supply of activities for children here in Atlanta. We forgot the camera, but this past weekend we went to a tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree, and the kids got their 3rd hay ride of the season and loved wandering around looking for a tree. We drank apple cider and ate popcorn. They had a Santa clause type guy there, but they much prefer to see Santa from a distance or not at all. He is just a fun mythical character around here. I am not much into the lying to your kids thing. I always like to throw that little jab in there to tick off all you liars :>)

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